Based on my experience, I am a firm believer that in many instances it is best to avoid the expense and turmoil of litigation if at all possible. For this reason alone, anyone responsible for either making personnel decisions or overseeing the decision making of others, will benefit from the advice and counsel of an experienced employment lawyer.

But, in addition to the  benefits derived from heading off litigation, getting advice and counsel from an experienced employment lawyer can help any organization maintain best practice policies and procedures that comply with the laws and regulations on the books.

My experience, and close working relationships with HR professionals in a variety of organizations allow me to effectively work from within to help steer personnel decision making, document creation and retention, wage-hour rules, hiring and firing, leave of absence administration and other aspects of employee relations with the goal of either avoiding legal challenges in the first place or, if that is not possible, putting my clients in the best possible position to defend or pursue any legal actions that may be commenced.

For my individual clients, advice can be equally important.  For instance, an individual who is asked to sign an employment contract, a non-compete agreement, and confidentiality agreement or a separation agreement, may have questions about the meaning of the document and a desire to explore the potential for negotiating better terms. 

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