Welcome to my Home Page

Welcome to my web site.  If you are looking for a lawyer for advice or to represent you, your company or your organization in connection with an employment related matter, I would be happy to talk with you.  But first, you should know a little more about me and my ideas about the practice of law.

I have been an employment lawyer for more than 27 years and, for most of that time, I practiced with large firms in downtown Minneapolis.  That experience was unforgettable, challenging, endlessly stimulating and very rewarding.  I worked side-by-side with some of the best in the business.  Always in the back of my head, though, was the idea that I would someday practice on my own and provide legal service on my own terms.  That idea became reality in November, 2009, when I opened up The Lentz Law Firm, LLC and hung out my own shingle.

The practice of law is always a challenge and anyone involved in a legal dispute will experience a range of emotions,  frequently including anger, confusion and fear.   I believe that clients need to be comfortable talking with their lawyer about these difficult circumstances.  It is always my goal to build relationships with my clients that will allow me to:

·     defend and pursue their legal interests vigorously while, at the same time, assist them in maintaining the highest level of business and personal ethics

·     guide them through difficult decision making to minimize not only exposure to legal liability but to the tremendous costs of defending a position in litigation

·     provide advice and counsel that not only reflects the dictates of the law but, just as importantly,  makes sense from a business and personal perspective as well

When I say that one of the reasons for opening my own law office is to be able to practice on my own terms, part of what I mean is the excitement of opening my own small business where I will be responsible for everything and will see immediately the results of my own efforts.  But, another big part of practicing on my own terms is the freedom to make fee arrangements with my clients that are much more “human scale” than fees typically charged at the big firms for the services of someone with my experience and background.   I understand that legal service is not inexpensive – no matter the fee arrangement.  My goal is  to set fees at a level that is realistic both for my business and for yours.

Please keep reading to learn more about me, my background, my philosophy about the practice of law and some of the types of legal service I provide.

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